2017 is starting off with a flurry of activity — and the first thing on the list is I am launching my webinar and on-line course offerings under the moniker of

Advocate Well. 

This organization is going to combine my two loves–advocacy and wellness.  Having a child with special needs can create a lot of stress for parents.  I was under so much stress 10 years ago that my teeth started to fall out.  We now know that stress is the number ONE cause of disease.  I meet so many parents who are sick.  When you don’t feel well, you can’t be present to advocate for your child.

The first FREE webinar that I’m planning for this year is
5 Critical Keys to Speak Up for Your Child.  Click on the link to register for the free webinar!

It’s not just for parents in Texas–it’s for parents and providers who support parents all over the US.  I will be teaching my simple, step by step strategies to making sure that when I take my seat at the ARD/IEP table, the other members of the team cannot just write me off as another mom.

While these strategies are simple, I have been amazed at how many people, even those who are long time advocates don’t use them.    In this course I will teach you how to:

  1. Know who to know
  2. Supercharge Your  Child’s IEPs
  3. Tap into the Network of Experts
  4. Overcome the Number One Tactic the School Uses to Deny Services
  5. Tame the Paper Dragon

So join me on Jan 12 on-line by clicking here!  Looking forward to it!