Take Care of Yourself! 

I’ve been spending a lot of time in contact with moms and grandmas of special needs kids lately. 

My heart goes out to them because they are so tired. . . .and exhausted. . . .and worn out . . . .and overwhelmed and fearful or frustrated.  Who wouldn’t be?  I mean between dealing with appointments and insurance and doctors and complicated service systems and and lack of family support and child who needs a lot of help–there’s enough to inundate anyone.

And they are a lot like I was.  I know that overwhelm because I lived it for a long time.

That overwhelm creates stress.  A lot of stress.

And unfortunately this stress shows up in a lot of different forms–none of them helpful.  Moms start feeling paralyzed. .  .or confused . . . .or stuck . . . .or worse.

Or depression or anxiety can take hold. . . .weighing them down.  Just going through each day can feel like walking in quicksand wearing army boots.

This is why SELF CARE is vital to parents of kids with special needs. 

Self care is self preservation.  When you’re constantly giving, and pouring yourself and your efforts ceaselessly into the overwhelming needs of day to day life without taking a moment to refresh, disaster will eventually follow.

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