This week–Dec 12 – 16, OSERS (Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services) is in Texas in response to the Houston Chronicle series Denied.  This series details how TEA set a cap through the Performance Based Monitoring System on the percentage of students in Texas that school districts could serve.  If a school district provides more than 8.5% of its students with special ed services, then TEA lowers their performance level.

Listening sessions  will be held this week in only five Texas cities.  Click on the link to find out details for where and when.  People testifying will have 3 minutes to present their story.

In Houston, 100 people signed up to speak, and in Dallas 96 people signed up.  Both sessions ran over their 2 hour allotted time because parents and teachers were so passionate to share their stories about children being denied needed and federally mandated services.

Additionally, US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was in attendance for the entire Houston session, and she took notes on the names of specific schools where parents reported serious issues.  Rep. Jackson Lee has requested that people feel free to contact her in Washington if they have a story to share.  Also in attendance was Houston based Texas state Sen. Sylvia Garcia.

If a parent, teacher, or related service provider has more to say than can fit in three minutes, the a blog has been set up to allow stakeholders to say more.

Please share these links with all parents whose children receive special education services through either ECI or the public schools.

Please comment on the blog if you can’t be there in person.  Together we can make a difference.


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