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Advocacy 101 for Super Busy Texans–the Basics of Speaking Up Effectively at the State and National Level

It’s December, and the 85th Texas legislature will be starting up next month.  This promises to be a very interesting session for people who have kids with disabilities.  Between Lt. Governor Patrick backing educational spending accounts, the 2017 version of vouchers, the redesign of day habilitation programs for adults with disabilities, and new attempts to whittle away at the freedom to decide how many vaccines your child will receive.  Opportunities to voice your opinion will abound in the next six months.

Advocacy groups often encourage us to e-mail or write letters, the staffers who work in the offices for senators and representatives tell me that phone calls are still the most effective way to express your opinion—way more effective than letters or email.

“Call my legislator??  I can’t do that!  I don’t know what to say and it takes too long!  I don’t even know who they are”  you say.

Follow the simple steps outlined below, and you will soon be a master advocate.  The turbulent times call for all of us to develop and hone this valuable skill.

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I’m so excited to be coaching advocacy on-line!

As the parent of a son with autism, I have been very successful securing services in the medical, school and social systems during these last eighteen years with my unique system.   This system is based around knowing his rights, knowing who to partner with,  and knowing how to defend those rights when partners don’t come throughsharing my passion.  This resulted in my son receiving tens of thousands of dollars of services over the years.

I’m excited to be  to empower other parents wishing to do the same for their child(ren)!  I’ll be doing this through on-line teleseminars and webinars to reach busy parents and professionals in a format that is most convenient–something you can listen to during lunch or at night after the kids are in bed.

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