ADVOCATE WELL is Cynthia Singleton’s latest venture in field of special education advocacy and wellness, and I am passionate about to opening your eyes about all that is possible for your child and your family.

I have been advocating for my son with autism for nearly twenty years and coaching other parents in one area or another for nearly that long.  I began helping families successfully transition to a gluten free dairy free diet  back in 2002 when that was a much more difficult thing to do than it is now.  I later expanded into state level advocacy:

  • sitting on the committee that wrote the Texas Autism Supplement (the document that governs what schools must consider in their programs for students with autism)
  • leading the grassroots effort in 2006 and 2008 to pass state insurance reform for children with autism.  Texas was the second state at that time to pass this type of legislation and inspired advocates in other states to work towards insurance reform in their state.

I’m now interested in helping a wider number of people to obtain the services to which their children are entitled and am taking my message on line.  Use my Contact Us page to tell me how I can help you.